Free shipping for all sales over $60. Royal Palm Oil Organic, non-GMO, Unrefined, Authentic African Red Palm Oil, 1 Gallon Rich in Carotenoids, Vitamins E, D, Co-Enzyme 10 and Phystosterol, a Cholesterol reducing compound.

About Royal Palm

The benefits of Palm Oil is well known especially after it was featured in the Dr Oz show. However, the market is flooded with refined mass produced palm Oil. While the mass-produced oil works well for soap making, cosmetic and industrial purposes, those who know the real thing will not cook with it unless there is no alternative. The refining process strips off some of the essential nutrients in the palm Oil. Finding the real thing in the US and Europe proved futile to the founders of Royal palm. This prompted us to procure our oil from villages across West Africa where the Oil Palm tree grows naturally in the tropical rain forrest as opposed to large habitat destructive plantations with GMO trees and chemical extraction processes. 

Initially we purchased it for personal use then friends and family started asking for it. So we made arrangements with several village producers across the continent to procure them.This arrangement between Royal Palm and village producers not only saves the environment, It brings a 100% nutrient rich cooking oil to the rest of the world while creating gainful employment for African villagers.

When you purchase Royal Palm Oil you are protecting wildlife habitats, supporting the environment and employing African village producers not large corporate interests with large plantations and huge industrial complexes.